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One Stop Cannabis
E-Commerce Solution

An e-commerce platform that helps you create a popular cannabis brand.

Why Grassdoor?

Great Ecommerce UX

Give your customers a delightful shopping experience with branded e-commerce websites

Secure Infrastructure

Scale your business with our secure and cost-effective 24x7 supported Infrastructure services

Payment Integrations

Let your customers pay using a wide variety of payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card or BNPL

SEO Ready

Reach your customers organically with increased visibility and reach by using the SEO support

and analytics

Sales Booster

Bring in the right customer with targeting and customisable deals

Efficient Operations Hub

Support your website with our robust warehouse operation modules like inventory management, order management and fleet management

Create a delightful shopping experience on your branded website

Category Listings and Quick Filters

Explore your product range with categorized listings and relevant filters.

Website Search

The intuitive search bar integrated with the site makes it easy to look out for products.


Enable customers to curate a wishlist and ability to save items for future purchases.

Product Comparison

Allow customers to compare products across the site.

One-Click Checkout Process

Quick checkout process with minimal documentation.

Live Order Tracking

Stay updated in real-time and monitor the progress of the order with ease.

Push Notifications for Real Time Updates

Receive instant updates on the order status with push notifications, keeping customers informed in real-time.

Responsive site/Mobile app iOS and Android

Access our responsive website and mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms for a seamless browsing experience.

Provide your customer with a wide variety of payment options at checkout

Buy now, Pay later (Kindtap)

Experience the ease of a revolving line of credit for hassle-free payments with Kindtap.

Credit and Debit Cards

Give customers the convenience of using credit and debit cards for buying the products they love.

Cash On Delivery

Opt for cash on delivery (COD) to conveniently and securely pay in cash to our delivery partner upon order arrival.

ACH (Stronghold)

Enjoy the simplicity and security of ACH payments via Stronghold, facilitating direct electronic bank-to-bank transfers for retail transactions.

Boost your sales with
powerful marketing tools

AI-based Product Recommendations

Suggest a handpicked selection of our products perfectly tailored to their preferences, based on their shopping history.

Customizable deals and promotions

Create deals and promo codes meticulously crafted to match the customer's preferences and business goals.

Customer Targeting via Text messages and Emails

Communicate with customers via text messages and emails, presenting tailored offers to bring them to your site.

SEO-powered Framework
for maximum impact
and visibility

Meta Tags and Structured Data

Incorporate relevant meta tags to boost click-through rates.

Open Graph Tags

Utilize Open Graph tags to transform webpages into rich, customizable social media feeds, exercising control over shared link content, including images, titles and descriptions.

Data Analytics at your fingertips

Leverage our data analytics to support informed decisions and strategies, providing valuable insights to empower cannabis brand operations.

Effectively run your warehouse operations

METRC based Inventory Management
Fleet and XP Management
Intelligent Delivery Routing System

Work with advanced inventory management with METRC tracking to precisely control stock levels and optimize supply chain efficiency.

Harnesses state-of-the-art Warehouse tools to coordinate with drivers for delivery and customer support.

Use our proprietary routing algorithm that optimizes delivery routes to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.

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